• Naslovnica
  • SA SILVERAGE sada srebra 925 naušnice zlata boja likovnih nakit Ljubavni krug 925 srebrne naušnice za žene
kn161.93 kn82.58

Dostupnost :Na skladištu

  • Težina Pakiranja: 0.12kg (0.26lb.)
  • Tip Bloka: komad
  • Pakiranje Veličina: 20cm x 20cm x 5cm (7.87in x 7.87in x 1.97in)

  • Promjer: 8,5 mm
  • Težina: 2.45g(For Reference)
  • Broj Potvrde: P1511001919
  • Kazna ili moda: Dobro
  • Broj Modela: 5823002044
  • Paul: Žene
  • Slučaj: Stranka
  • Vrsta Certifikata: Procjena Treće Strane
  • Tip Naušnice: Naušnice-Roze
  • Stražnji Božji Dar: Naušnice-Roze
  • Stil: Klasični
  • Boja: Boja Zlata
  • Vrsta Metala: Srebro
  • Metalne Pečat: S925 & SA
  • brend: SA SILVERAGE
  • Metalne: 925 Sterling Silver Fin Nakit
  • Kamen: Blješte Prostornih Цирконии
  • Glavni Kamen: Cirkon
  • Vrsta: naušnice-roze za žene
  • Bočne Kamen: Nema
  • Paket: Lijep Poklon Kutija
  • Oblik\uzorak: Cijele
  • Poklon za: Djevojka/Žena/Mama

SA SILVERAGE Real 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Rose Gold Color Fine Jewelry Love Circle 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings for Women

SILVERAGE Real 925 Sterling Silver AAA CZ Diamond Stud naušnice Fine Jewelry Love Knot Rose Gold Women 2016 Ne


Karina Samigzyan862
Great Order Finally Showed Up Great Seller Dependable Great Products But Note ask for boxes as otherwise he will send bags and for me that's a downgrade to this Seller as my last order I got two pairs of earrings in one bag but earrings are for two people but doesn't matter my finace' said not to spend the 10k for jewellery with this company if they are gone to bags and so it's back to the other sellers. This Seller sent boxes this time only because I insisted as otherwise you get cheap bags and I'm in packaging industry and these bags are as cheap as can be. So if you want class for a Wedding as my Finacee does then forget about this Seller as he is probably totally gone to bags from now and my last order was sent that way and my Finacee got extremely mad with the cheap bags over the boxes but this order he sent everything in boxes "o Ly" because I insisted and no other reason. Ii f these are for Wedding gifts try another seller.
Vlad Cool X
Excellent! Beautiful items! Highly recommend this seller and the communication was very pleasant and professional! I will definitely buy again from this store!! AAA+++
Dali Dale
for five ставлю service, quadruple in mind, ожидала larger, rings and fuzzy seem it just разномастные камушком metal pieces in the center
All good. The gold part is not as nice as in the photo, it's lighter and uneven of the two. Other than that it's very good.
Alek Udovichenko
very satisfied

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